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Aquarium Ornament Starter Pack (60 units)

Aquarium Ornament Starter Pack (60 units)

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This assortment contains a mix of 60 of our marine animal ornaments at our lowest quantity price of $5.00 each. We'll pick a selection of our marine designs (especially great for Aquarium gift shops) including sharks, whales, fish, turtles, seahorses and more! When you buy a total of 120 balsa ornaments (individually or our pre-selected assortment packs), we'll include a FREE ornament display stand. The stand measures 36" tall and each arm extends approx. 12" for a total width of 24". Stand is made of sustainably harvested tropical wood and wrought iron. Ornaments are made of sustainably harvested balsa wood and non-toxic acrylic paint. Approximate size of ornaments: 5" x 2". Fair Trade.


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