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Artisan Partners

Women of the Cloud Forest has been working in fair trade since 2001. We have direct, long-term relationships with small family workshops and cooperatives in Nicaragua. We have featured stories about four groups of artisans here.  Look for links to videos of each group on each page:

Don Leopoldo Potosme and Sara (Ceramicists)

Dona Myra and Don Jose (Recycled Aluminum Sand Casting)

Duilio and Damarias (Ceramicists)

Isla Solentiname Balsa Cooperative (Balsa Ornaments and Jewelry)

NOTE: As the pandemic continues, we are currently supporting our artisan families in Nicaragua with a monthly donation of rice and beans. Add any donation amount to your order to support this cause! $20 can provide a donation for a family of 4 for one month. Add a donation to your order.

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