Math Word Problem

6:32am and it is raining. I hear the steady drops as they fall onto the tin roof. Today is Friday and I am thinking about the artisans from Mancaronsito who are supposed to be coming to turn in their samples and receive their next month’s order. I am thinking how much time 15km in a row boat really takes. The calculation is more like something I’d see in my daughter’s math homework: Alba Luz lives on Mancarronsito. She needs to travel to the big island of Mancarron. How long would it take Alba Luz to row 15km in a small wooden rowboat? Would there be variables depending on how many passengers are in the boat? How calm the water is? If there is someone to switch off so she wouldn’t have to take a break to rest? And how about the rain? Rowing 15km in any intensity of rain might not slow someone down but it can’t be too enjoyable. I am hoping that the rain ceases soon and the waters are calm so that Alba Luz, Dona Natayla and the other artisans have a safe and peaceful journey today.